It’s dreadfully true — engaging prospects and getting them to convert are the biggest lead generation challenges for B2B marketers, according to Chief Marketer. So how can today’s marketers breathe new life into cold prospects?

The answer might surprise you.

Grant A Johnson, Responsory, Connect to Convert Speaker

At the Boston Leadscon B2B Connect to Convert conference in Oct. 2018, Grant Johnson, founder and CEO of Responsory, and Scott Kosinski, Head of Marketing, EyeMed, shared the deep, dark secrets of a case study that involved the innovative use of artificial intelligence to open the doors — and minds — of a historically elusive prospect audience.

This session reveals four key engagement-building tactics that will help you transform your response rates and generate ROI. You’ll also discover the strategy and tactics that earned EyeMed a 15% response rate from cold B2B prospects that had never engaged before. At the end of this session, you’ll be armed with new strategies for generating leads and reviving your toughest-to-reach prospects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies to breathe new life into cold prospects
  • Engagement-building tactics to boost response rates and ROI
  • Insider secrets: how EyeMed Vision Care earned a 15% response rate from cold prospects

Dying for more? For a much closer look at this curiously suspenseful case study, we dare you to contact us.