You have social channels established for your organization. You post to them regularly, with a planned and thought-out cadence. You make sure to vary your content appropriately and incorporate infographics and videos. You monitor user comments, reactions and engagements. You do so many things to your social channels each day, but have you ever stopped and listened to what they are saying?

Your company’s social channels can be a treasure trove of resources…if you know how to listen and where to look.


Having the Right Tools

When done correctly, social intelligence (or social media listening/monitoring) can be one of the best tools in your marketing arsenal to gather insights from your customers and followers to uncover what is being said about your brand, company, or product across the web — sometimes even beyond social channels themselves. It’s more than just having Google Alerts set up. Social intelligence puts tracking tools to work to help you stay ahead of your competition by having an ear open to users’ conversations. Using social intelligence and listening tools can open the door between your organization and your users to make the conversation a two-way street resulting in increased engagement, renewed interest in recruitment, or even higher sales.


Gaining Perspective

Try to visualize social intelligence like an iceberg floating in the ocean. The part you can see is the social listening aspect; that is, tracking and monitoring what people are saying, their replies/comments on your posts. What you can’t see – everything below the surface – is the understanding of why and how these conversations originated, and what drove someone to say what they did. When you can see the entire iceberg, you have the edge over your competitors in a social landscape where margins are razor thin.


How Social Intelligence Works

Adding a social intelligence practice into your measurable marketing toolbox allows you to use research more in your favor. Go from validating what an audience sampling is reporting, to discovering what unbiased emotional drivers are behind the reactions, comments, and digital footprint of your audience (and potential customers).

Responsory is here to help you do a better job of social listening and making social content work to your advantage. Using our Hyper- Intelligent Social Listening process, we can help cultivate better social conversation and monitor what is said on various social channels, blogs, message boards, forums and more and then funnel these into specific segments centered on key behavioral drivers. Once a pattern starts to emerge, we’ll help you see a clearer picture of your customers’ mindsets and their journey.

If you’re ready to tune in to the conversations on your social channels, so are we. Let’s get to work.