The Cookie-Based Remarketing Alternative: Smart Zones People-Based IP Targeting

In the world of digital audience targeting, not all methods are made equal. For over a decade, brands and agencies have relied on cookies to connect offline audiences to their online presence. As more and more companies recognize the shortcomings of this technology, however, new methods have risen to the micro-targeting challenge. Smart Zones® is a full service IP targeting and audience management platform for marketers who need to accurately target prospects at their digital delivery points online.
A proven solution for business-to-business and business-to-consumer targeting,  Smart Zones by Responsory provides:
  • Onboarding of CRM and prospect lists of postal, email, location or website traffic.
  • Audience Creation with Semcasting’s proprietary data for 254 million consumers and 22 million businesses.
  • Lead Generation by converting website traffic to household or business leads.
  • Attribution by matching back impressions served to the selected audience via UDX-Leads.
  • Geo-fencing with our Mobile Footprints solution supporting parcel-location and cross-device targeting.
Smart Zones by Responsory is a cookie-free digital advertising option. And, it will propel your campaigns to 100% reach. Download our comparison guide to see how cookies and Smart Zones stack up against each other.

Cookie-based vs Smart Zones Audience Targeting

The two audience targeting methods have different strengths. Download our comparison guide to see how each compares for match rate, reach, accuracy, cross device support, localization and more.

Smart Zones by Responsory stands out as a solution where coverage matters. Smart Zones audiences are selectable by hundreds of offline demographic attributes (income, ethnicity, age, auto, home value, etc.) and are able to match the offline households and businesses attributes of every Internet delivery point online on any device –Household, WIFI, Businesses, etc.

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When Privacy Matters

Advertising can be targeted to these Smart Zones that provide 100 percent accurate reach (compared to the 20 to 30 percent match rate of cookies), all while maintaining user privacy. With over 30 million Smart Zones in the U.S. and Canada, reaching 135 million households, we offer a myth-free way to think about online advertising: device-independent, micro-targeted, and private. It is these exact reason why Responsory’s health/medical/pharma, health insuranceinsurance services and financial services clients prefer digital marketing with Smart Zones by Responsory.

Smart Zones, the Proven Winner

Our Smart Zones clients can aim higher and reach further because the impact of Smart Zones goes well beyond IP targeting and cookie-free display advertising. B2B and B2C brand marketers demand accountability in their marketing initiatives, especially in the digital realm. Smart Zones by Responsory is the key to accountability for multichannel digital and direct response campaigns, linking ad impressions, clicks, web conversions and abandoned forms to CRM audiences, online interactions and offline transactions. It’s the proof that your marketing is working.

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