A free information kit is a great way to generate qualified leads. Allowing your prospects to request the free kit by phone or online form puts the power in their hands. They can get the info they want, on their own terms.

Request a Kit Landing Page SampleHere, we dissect a landing page we came across online, and point out five ways to make an ineffective “Free Kit” landing page, uber-effective. You can apply these best practices to any lead-generation campaign landing page.

1. Understand your audience and their needs for information. Speak to the two or three ways your kit meets those needs. Write a succinct lead-in to introduce your audience to the kit, reassure them and convince them that having a copy of it will deliver valuable answers.

2.  Add an image of the kit to make the offer feel more valuable and tangible.

3. Condense and re-arrange the form fields, which in this case, require a long scroll and may feel intimidating to the user.

4. Move or add the toll-free number to the body area, letting the user know he or she can submit the form or call to request their kit.

5. Remove, relocate or replace the unrelated calls-to-action in the right side bar. Focus the page on content that will achieve its primary purpose: generate a qualified lead for the free information kit.

In a nutshell, the formula for landing page success is:

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