Before you hit the pavement at full speed, schedule a pit stop with Responsory to refuel and recalibrate. Let’s get your crew on track with the same strategy; aiming for shared goals and striving to win the same race – together. We’ll help you rally the crew with a Fast Track Planning Session.


Responsory’s Fast Track Marketing Planning Session is perfect for clients who are looking to rev-up for an energized kick-start to their upcoming marketing activities.

A collaborative workshop-style meeting can produce thought-provoking ideas and strategically-minded recommendations to help you race toward your 2014 business and marketing objectives.

“It’s just the jolt you need to get your sales and marketing teams geared up and ready  to hit the ground running.”
Grant Johnson, CEO, Responsory.

The idea behind a “fast track” session is to put your marketing team and stakeholders in a collaborative and strategically-creative mindset.

“All participants come to the meeting with an open mind,” explains Johnson. “There are a few key pieces of information we ask our clients to come prepared with, so that we can set the stage with an all-important foundation – the organization’s goals, product/service plans, industry influences, and target markets and audiences.”

White-boarding and sticky note exercises keep attendees active and engaged. “Sometimes we throw in a surprise activity here and there to keep things interesting,” adds Johnson.

The outcome of the meeting is dependent on the client’s session goals. Some of Responsory’s recent sessions have focused on key messaging, multichannel integration and digital strategies.

Most Fast Track Sessions are at least two hours long. The client’s session goals and budget dictate who’s invited from the agency and client teams.


To inquire or put your Fast Track Session on the roster, contact us.