Exemplary match rate gets Standard Process campaign in front of the right decision makers. Standard Process is a pioneer in the natural supplement manufacturing space, where it’s led the industry in embracing its whole food philosophy. The chiropractor sector is a huge proponent of nutritional supplements and although the company was introduced more than 88 years ago, not all DCs (Doctor of Chiropractic) are familiar with the unique benefits of whole food supplements, nor the reputation and integrity of the Standard Process brand.

More than 90% of chiropractors offer nutritional supplements to patients, according to a 2011 study, and they’re most often prescribed in 30- or 60-day supplies. Attracting and converting non-prescribing DCs into new customers could equate to significant revenue increases due to repeat sales. Standard Process engaged Responsory to utilize display advertising to reach qualified chiropractor prospects with two different offers to test the channel’s ability to reach and engage this niche audience.

With a specific healthcare professional audience such as this, Responsory’s first recommendation for Standard Process was to put their faith into the Smart Zones B2B IP targeting platform, powered by Semcasting’s data engine of over 23 million businesses strong.

FAST FACT: IP targeting is highly appropriate for B2B applications (where cookies are blocked on networks). Nearly half of consumers, and most businesses, block cookies.

By onboarding Standard Process’ prospect CRM files, we were able to match back 80% of the target audience to IP zones where we could reach them via Smart Zones display advertising. Our client wasn’t expecting this exemplary match rate!

Smart Zones is known as the display advertising platform of choice for B2B marketers and heavily regulated industries like healthcare and insurance. That’s mainly because it doesn’t rely on cookies to reach intended audiences. But even more importantly, its mailing address to IP zone match rate is astoundingly higher than other players in the market.

How did the prospective chiropractors respond to our Standard Process pilot campaign? Read “Unmatched Reach + the Right Offer = 380% ROI” to discover how the campaign earned a 380% ROI.