click, click, click … CONVERT, CONVERT CONVERT!

SHP_State_ClientPick_V2_PubPageIf you’re a digital marketer, your display banner ad design goal is to generate high quality clicks leading to swift conversions. Yes, you want the ads to look really good. Your client wants the ads to “pop” on the publisher’s page. But at the end of the day, your campaign will be measured against the results you earn, not the ad design.

While CTR (clickthrough rate) is a helpful metric to gauge performance, the key metric our clients are most interested in is typically our CONVERSION rate. In fact, some clients ask us to predict their display advertising conversion rates before our campaigns go live. Here’s our honest answer to this common question.

Conversion rates vary so greatly from client to client, campaign to campaign. But, we do have a secret formula to share with you…

The best performing campaigns earn the highest conversion rates because they meet all of these criteria:

ASQ_ENGINEER_160x600 (1)– A service/product offering that meets the needs of the target markets/audiences

– An offer that is very relevant to the target audience and very timely

– A response mechanism that is easy to use (effortless and intuitive) and quick (instant gratification)

– Meaningful messaging and creative (for the target audience)

– Sophisticated client-side lead and purchase tracking to ensure inquiries and transactions are reported on and attributed appropriately

– A programmatic RTB (real time bidding) platform that reaches 100% of your most-likely-to-respond universe (without cookies)

When a campaign hits all of these bases, its a home run. Next month, we’ll feature a recent B2B campaign for a global association that met ALL of these requirements. You’ll want to read about it because this Smart Zones campaign earned our client an 8:1 ROI!

Going Cookie-free Means Higher Clickthrough Rates

Because the Smart Zones digital advertising platform is able to pinpoint the most likely buyers for you, and reach them at a 100% rate (compared to cookie-based advertising that reaches only 30% of your audience), AND get your ads in front of the sites they are actually visiting, we can predict that we’ll enjoy higher-than-average clickthrough rates compared to traditional display advertising. Smart Zones by Responsory campaigns consistently beat traditional display advertising CTRs (oftentimes, our CTRs are 2x higher!).

Landing Pages That Convert

Once your audience arrives at your landing page, the focus shifts to making sure their expectations are met. Does your landing page deliver the content they were expecting (essential product details, price, etc.)? Is it easy to scan and understand? Is the CTA bold and prominent? Is it easy to take action? For online transaction landing pages, is the action navigation and purchasing process intuitive, easy and quick? Is it crystal clear as to how to buy the product? Is it easy to get help, if needed?

Fresh Ideas for Your Banner Ads & Landing Pages