While overall mail volume continues to decrease year after year and the spotlight shines on hot growth areas like digital and mobile, direct mail is still relevant. It’s an important driver for many campaigns because of its power to generate response.

According to the DMA, direct mail is one of the most measurable tactics and can be used to boost the overall quality of analytics. Four out of ten Americans look forward to seeing what’s in their mailbox each day, with 56% of those 65 years and older and 36% of those 18 to 39 years old having positive sentiments about mail.1

At Responsory, we often anchor a campaign with direct mail to drive response and then layer on other tactics such as email, phone contact, digital display advertising and landing pages. To optimize your next direct mail effort, use a combination of tried-and-true best practices along with newer more sophisticated strategies.

Call to actionIncorporate a strong call to action – spur the recipient to act by telling them what you want them to do. Offer multiple response options such as phone, online or mail.

Strong offerInclude a compelling offer – ensure it is prominently featured in your creative.


Perform regular data hygieneDevelop a memorable creative strategy – consider dimensional mail for high impact, especially with qualified prospects.

AnalyticsUse data analytics/segmentation – focus your campaign on those who are most likely to respond. Profile and model your customers to find like prospects

Perform regular data hygienePerform regular data hygiene – an accurate, up-to-date list is paramount to success. Use standard list cleansing processes such as National Change of Address (NCOA) for those who registered a move and CASS certification to check for address and zip code information accuracy. In addition, if your list is a manageable size, do periodic manual reviews using the internet and/or phone to verify contacts and addresses.

PersonalizePersonalize – consider the use of variable data to personalize your pieces for the recipient. Digital printing has made this cost effective.


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1 2015 Gallup Poll, http://www.gallup.com/poll/182261/four-americans-look-forward-checking-mail.aspx