How does a new player in the market pique prospects’ interest and then turn that attention into sales?

By creating a launch campaign that communicates the company or product’s unique selling proposition (USP) in a compelling, customer-focused fashion.

A convincing example is a recent dimensional direct mail campaign Responsory (formerly Johnson Direct) developed for Saco Polymers that resulted in unprecedented gains. A global pioneer in the wire and cable industry, the company wanted to introduce the special capabilities of its new U.K.-based subsidiary in the U.S. market.

Using a gift of something that is near and dear to almost everyone’s morning – a cup of hot Joe – we developed an irresistible package that playfully introduced the new company and touted its USP.

Saco Polymers 4T Master Blend Campaign - 3D Mailer Brochure

Take a closer look inside this 3D Mailer

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