There is a tipping point when some things become a little old school. Like the underperforming digital banner ads that companies continue to overspend on. Compare traditional online targeting to Smart Zones by Responsory, a new-school mapping of nearly 100% of online home and business traffic into 16 million qualified, target-ready audiences. All while protecting user privacy. And without using intrusive cookies.

In under 2 min., you see exactly how Smart Zones compares to traditional digital advertising.

Source: Johnson Direct, parent company to Responsory.

Dare to Compare

Old school cookies get blocked often at the browser. Smart Zones delivers 3 times the reach and is 600 times more accurate. Smart Zones is proven to earn a 125% increase in click-through rate over old-school. And now where the rubber meets the road… Smart Zones is targeting B2B and B2C consumers more effectively with multivariate attributes including life-stage, affluence, social status, and buying interests.

Old school bannersit’s a guess. Plus, Smart Zones advertises to those that are watching TV, but reaches an expanded targeted audience on their tablets, mobile phones and PCs. Tracked and measured for a lot less money. Plus, you can even deliver WOW videos that people love. In comparison to traditional digital ad campaigns on political, education, financial, automotive, retail and B2B, Smart Zones wins by a landslide.

Smart Zones by Responsory will get 3 to 5 times better results with the added – and necessary – benefit of privacy. And, you don’t pay more just because you’re actually reaching more of your audience. No wonder many Fortune 500 companies favor Smart Zones.

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