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September 2020
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Demystifying the Conversion Rate: 
5 of the Most Common CR Questions, Explained

So many unanswered questions when it comes to conversion rates and landing pages! Am I tracking conversions properly? …What’s a good landing page conversion rate, anyway? Why aren’t my landing page visitors converting? How do I adjust my landing page to boost conversions? To help demystify the infamous conversion rate and get you on track to measurable results, let’s break down and answer your 5 common questions.


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The 6 Most Important Landing Page Metrics for Campaign Reporting 

Who has the time and resources to continuously track the countless metrics available to measure the performance of your campaign landing pages?!?! Knowing the key metrics to focus on is a sure fire way to keep you sanity and look like a campaign tracking whiz at the same time. In this post, we’ll walk you through 6 of the most important landing page metrics, plus a few critical optimization strategies to help you improve your conversion rates. 


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Marketing Insight
Are You Making These Common Landing Page Mistakes?

Can you pinpoint exactly where your landing pages are falling short? It just might be time to employ a landing page audit to uncover simple, quick changes that could make all the difference in performance results. In this post, we reveal a short list of common strategy and design mistakes that a landing page audit often reveals. 



Generate Better Leads with a Free Information Kit Landing Page

Watch us dissect an info kit landing page and point out 5 ways to make an ineffective “Free Kit” landing page, uber-effective. You can apply these best practices to any lead-generation campaign landing page.


Add Email + Landing Pages to the Mix to Boost Engagement

Q: How can a Medicare insurer crank up the volume on their response rates?
A: Employ a few key strategies that include email and landing pages. All while guiding prospects through an intimidating process.