THE BEAT -September 2019, the Email Issue
September 2019
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What’s Your Email List Strategy?

If “quality” is top of mind when you think about your email list strategy, BRAVO! You’re among the top thinkers who are keenly aware that list quality is of the utmost importance. In fact, in a recent study on the topic, 73% of marketing agencies reported that it’s their most important goal. A clean list naturally leads to increased conversions, because users that want to receive your emails are more likely to engage and convert. Discover the tactics that are most effective for building-up your quality subscriber list. 


Inspiration by Example

Email Inspiration
Email Campaign Styles that Win Big

To score a winning goal, you need to take your shot at exactly the right time with precise aim. Scoring big in the email marketing game involves a similar focus on perfecting your aim – which means you need the perfect email campaign in place to pull off the right moves. Here are some examples of different types of lead-converting campaigns and how to build your own.


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Email How-to
What You Can Expect from an Email Marketing Audit

An email marketing audit is critical to the success of your emarketing initiatives...especially if you’re looking to continuously improve and enhance your email marketing results. An audit can help you evaluate your email strategies, opt-in process, content and messaging, design, platform, frequency, analytics and many other aspects. A thorough look at how your competitors are utilizing email marketing to boost their marketshare is also a great benefit. Here’s a summary of what could be involved in a comprehensive email marketing audit.



The Marketing
Automation Playbook

While email marketing is just one aspect of a marketing automation platform, it’s a powerful one. This playbook is the game plan you need to win loyal fans who keep coming back for more.


Creating Landing Pages
That Convert

Did you know email-specific landing pages is the most effective tactic for email list building success? This guide is the key to helping you create landing pages that continually capture leads.