Your Go-To Email Marketing Guide in THE BEAT, Oct 2020
October 2020
Marketing Automation

What’s Your 2021 Email Marketing Strategy?

Today’s marketing departments often wear many hats and are increasingly under pressure to do more with fewer resources. Dedicating time to a well-planned, finely tuned and timely email marketing strategy is challenging at best. Not only do you have to write the emails, but you also have to understand the ins and outs of email marketing, such as building a subscriber list, frequency and timing, effective messaging, headlines, pre-headers, calls-to-action and more. What’s a Short-on-Time and -Resources Marketer to do? We have 2 tips for you.


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Marketing Insight
4 B2B Email Marketing Tactics to Improve Clickthrough Rates 

B2B Email Marketing: it's often a blessing and a curse for many business to business organizations. On one hand, email technology has made it efficient and easy to test and measure email marketing initiatives. On the other hand, the ease of email reporting will quickly reveal lackluster results and ineffective strategies. No matter how you utilize B2B email marketing as part of your organization’s channel mix, here are 4 tactics that will improve your email clickthrough rates. 


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Best Practices
Master Email Marketing with 12 Key Strategies

To stand out from the crowd and maximize results, it’s more important than ever to ensure your email marketing strategy is on point. We’ve outlined 12 key strategies to help you get the most value from your email marketing efforts. We cover things like how to employ double opens and frequency capping, the secret to a compelling CTA, and even how you can use email to amplify your SEO results. 



What to Expect from an Email Marketing Audit

If you’re looking to continuously improve and enhance your email marketing results, an audit can help. It evaluates your email strategies, opt-in process, content and messaging, design, platform, frequency, analytics and many other aspects. 


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation offers much more than email distribution and reporting to help you track the end-to-end ROI of your marketing efforts. See all the possibilities ... from lead scoring to workflows and everything in between.