A review of your Landing Pages - THE BEAT, October 2019
October 2019
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Uh Oh. Are You Making These Common Landing Page Mistakes? 

Where are your landing pages falling short? A swift, strategic audit of your landing pages might reveal simple, quick changes that could make all the difference in performance results. The cost of a poorly strategized landing page comes in the form of lost conversions. Let’s review the 4 most common landing page strategy and design mistakes we see.


Inspiration by Example

3 Strategies for Winning More Landing Page Conversions

Congrats! Your marketing piece drove a visitor to your landing page. Now what? Will she be influenced by your messaging? Will he engage with your offer? Or, is it game over with a quick exit? To truly win, you want to convert those visits to leads and to do that, you need an ultra-effective landing page. Let’s breakdown 3 basic elements that make a real difference.


Inspiration by Example

Inspiration by Example
7 Elements of a High-Converting Landing Page

There's something magical about a landing page that delivers conversions — leads, downloads, transactions. When you produce, test, publish, track and analyze as many landing pages as we do, the winning attributes of high converters really stand out. Of course, a successful landing page is greater than the sum of its parts. In this article, we take a look at the 7 highly influential elements of a high-converting landing page.



Landing Page Enhancements
Lead to Big Results

See how re-envisioned campaign landing pages reduced confusion and increased engagement for this ACA player.


Landing Page Facilitates
Outstanding Response 

This vibrant, mutlichannel campaign blew brokers' minds with an eye opening offer and easy response mechanism.