THE BEAT - June 2019, the Automation issue
June 2019
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Insight
3 Steps to Maximize Your Marketing Automation Investment

There are 3 essential elements to a successful marketing automation investment. 

First, you must understand your prospect and customer journey and map it. (Here's a great place to get started on your journey mapping.) Next, you'll pinpoint the ways marketing automation can guide and improve that journey. Lastly, you'll assign a team to facilitate the journey via a marketing automation tool that houses your contact data, allows you to communicate with your audiences in a variety of ways, and empowers your team with real-time metrics for analysis and ongoing improvements.

In this issue of THE BEAT, you'll uncover invaluable resources to help you develop these elements.


Inspiration by Example

What Type of Marketing Automation User Are You?

Understanding the role marketing automation will have in your organization's sales and marketing efforts will help you initiate a step in the right direction. For example, will your organization use automation on a campaign by campaign basis, defined by short-term goals and targeting key segments with limited time offers? Or, will it fulfill a more pervasive, ongoing role to maintain continuous contact with your various audience segments?

Get a better grasp of the possibilities and where marketing automation might fit in best within your organization. 


Inspiration by Example

Inspiration by Example
A Powerful Combination: Nurturing Leads with Automation + Valuable Content

To help Usource develop a foundation for an ongoing lead nurturing strategy and get the most out of their marketing automation investment, Responsory developed the strategy, messaging platform and tactical mix for a series of three lead nurturing campaigns. Tactics included content development, landing pages, direct mail, email, social media and direct sales team outreach. Take a closer look at the components and how the automation campaign came to life.  



5 Steps to Master B2B Lead Nurturing

Marketing Sherpa reports that 79 percent of all marketing leads never convert into sales! Knowing the right lead nurturing tactics can help your organization beat that stat.


The Marketing Automation Terminology Guide

Here's a handy glossary of terms that will demystify marketing automation. You'll find 70 must-know terms that will help you gain a better understanding of this game-changer.