THE BEAT, July 2020, the Healthcare Marketing issue
July 2020
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The New Rules of Healthcare & Pharma Digital Targeting—5 Essential Do’s & Don’ts 

Value-based healthcare is here. Patients are more informed than ever. They demand better outcomes, expect cost efficiencies, and want personalized healthcare experiences.  For these reasons and many others, savvy health insurance and pharmaceutical marketers are turning to sophisticated digital targeting methods to reach their audiences in more personalized and highly-effective ways. Let’s take a closer look at what they’re doing (and not doing) to navigate this new reality and get maximum results. 


Inspiration by Example

Why SEO Should be a Top Priority Tactic for the Health Industry

As a professional marketer in the medical, pharmaceutical, insurance or healthcare industry, you know how important it is to make search engine optimization (SEO) a top priority for the success of your website and landing pages. However, there are likely a variety of obstacles standing in your way, and this post aims to help you overcome them in 3 ways. Get started here!


Inspiration by Example

Inspiration by Example
Digital Targeting to Boost Medicare Enrollment by Phone

While the Medicare audience has come a long way in terms of online research and enrollment, there remain pockets of prospects who prefer to select and switch plans by phone. Discover how Responsory launched  an innovative landing page approach and Smart Zones audience targeting and display advertising for a Medicare HMO D-SNP plan with a looming enrollment deadline. 



The SEO Copywriting Cheat Sheet

Use this invaluable cheat sheet to guide your SEO copywriting. It’s a critical tool for defining your target SEO keywords/phrases for each page of your site.  Contemplate these critical elements as they relate to your business, website goals and page design.


Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Data Suite

 This multi-dimensional data suite provides comprehensive coverage of healthcare service providers, pharmaceutical distribution and patient requirements to identify the correct targets for any online marketing campaign.