THE BEAT: New Year, New Staff + More
January 2021
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Say "Yes" to Quick-Hitting, On-Brand Video Content
WOW—72% of people prefer video vs text to learn a new product or service.* Statistics like this are proof that short-form videos (less than 1 min) are the king of content. That's because they are so effective at grabbing eyeballs, instigating action and building a brand following. There's an old myth that video production is too costly, but that's simply not true today. Effective video content doesn’t have to be expensive or cumbersome to produce. See how you can incorporate easy-to-digest, quick-hitting video content into your upcoming campaign’s what your audiences prefer!

Toby Welch
Help Us Welcome
Meeeeeeeet Toby, Digital Project Manager

You may have seen in our recent social media announcements that Responsory is in hiring mode. Coming out of 2020 we've been fortunate to add more digital clients, and we're looking to expand our team. Following nearly two months of interviewing high-caliber pros, we found a remarkable match in Toby Welch. Her experience and passion for multichannel marketing is a big win for the growing Responsory team.  


Inspiration by Example
Inspiration by Example
Test Drive Our Display Advertising Calculator

As a Responsory partner, you know about our Smart Zones Audience Targeting & Display Advertising platform. But did you know that you can pre-estimate your next Smart Zones campaign by using our custom, no obligation estimating tool? Our Smart Zones Campaign Calculator will provide a ballpark estimate to kickstart your planning.


Video Marketing Guide



Maximize your video investment with this step by step guide. You'll streamline the entire concept to production process, and deliver a video that adds more value and makes a greater impact. 
Video Content Inspiration
Video content marketing comes in many forms and serves multiple purposes. Here are 8 examples of easy-to-digest, quick-hitting and multi-purpose video content that will inspire you.