THE BEAT - Jan 2019: let's talk Content!
January 2019

Channel Insight
The Importance of Content Strategy

“Content marketing” is a hot term. Most marketers have accepted the fact that customers would rather seek out information about a brand rather than be bombarded by self-serving messages. The question is: how can we make the most of this shift and optimize the content we are disseminating, while at the same time, achieve bottom-line marketing objectives? Keep these seven tips in mind as you contemplate your content strategy.



Answers to Your Questions
Create Content that Guides Decision Making

Content marketing is a valuable and often underused tactic for marketing insurance or other products that are complicated or specialized. Some purchasing decisions can be daunting, intimidating and even frustrating tasks. Prospective buyers are often left to struggle through their journey, blindly searching the internet or asking peers or friends for recommendations. As a marketer, it's your job to be aware of their decision-making struggles so you can create content that says, “We’re here to help. We’re in this together.”



Inspiration by Example
Infographic Inspires Innovative Video Guide

When you love content marketing as much as we do here at Responsory, innovation comes more naturally. Here's a great example. During the creative development of a step-by-step interactive infographic, we discovered a fantastic opportunity to repurpose the copy and graphics into an animated step-by-step video guide. This is just one way to exponentially get more out of your content investment...



8 Questions to a Better Content Strategy

Have you ever wondered if all this time spent blogging, writing white papers and creating  infographics has really paid off? If you can’t answer that question, you’re not alone.


THE Checklist Guide for Writing a White Paper 

Preparing to craft and publish a white paper can be an intimidating task — but well worth the time and effort. Try this essential checklist for thrusting your next white paper into orbit.