THE BEAT - February 2019
February 2019

Product Launch Insight
Planning a Product Launch? You Need this Marketing Bundle

Your launch countdown should begin here.
If you’re like our other clients, you’ve got a lot riding on the success of this launch – from a business standpoint and a career standpoint. Responsory’s Product Launch Marketing Bundle can fuel your launch program to get you the absolute most out of every penny you invest in your new product, service or market.



3 PR Strategies for Optimal New Product Launch Lift-off

A professionally-developed product launch will build-up a company’s reputation and create new business opportunities for its sales force. But a concerted PR effort is much more involved than simply writing a press release and posting it on your website or on a newswire. Here are three strategies you should implement to exponentially improve the results of your upcoming new product launch campaign.



Inspiration by Example
Proven Process Fuels a Fast Pharmaceutical Product Launch

Challenge: develop an agile strategy, calculated creative and quick turnaround for a new drug product launch. Responsory rose to the occasion with a brand identity, collateral, email and website developed virtually overnight. Embarking on a new product launch initiative is no easy task, and even more complicated for a pharmaceutical drug. Thanks to a proven process we’ve been practicing and honing for nearly two decades, called Direct Branding, Responsory was more than ready for the challenge. See how it came together.



11 Tips to Help Your Next Launch Take Flight

Whether you’re launching a new product, program or other initiative, it’s important to gain positive traction right out of the gate. With limited budgets and constant noise in the market, that’s not always easy. Follow these 11 Best Practices for Marketing Launches we applied to drive results.


Destination: Brand Loyalty (Infographic)

Your target market can be a huge galaxy to conquer when launching a new product or service. To build brand awareness and ultimately brand loyalty, you'll need to understand the different sectors you're aiming for before you can plan to land them. Download this infographic to get a head start.