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December 2020
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2021 Resolution: Make Your Site Sparkle in SERPs!

How? With the power of a website audit. 

Your website may be hurting your search visibility, negatively impacting your marketing campaigns and turning away visitors. This means you're not getting the value out of the budget dollars you're investing in paid search and online advertising. And, for every effort you put into driving traffic to your site, you're not achieving the greatest performance potential. What a shame! But, there's something you can do about it...and it can uncover functionality, user experience and SEO issues rather quickly -- a Website Audit. Here's what you can expect:


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Oh No...Are You Neglecting Your On-Page Optimization? :(

43% of people click on a given organic search result, solely based on the meta description.

What pages of your site are earning the highest organic search? Which top-priority pages are not appearing on this list? (If you don't know the answer to these questions, see the featured post above).  If you want to rank higher on Google, you need to optimize your pages with on-page SEO best practices. Unless you optimize on-page, Google won’t know what keywords you should be ranking for, and you won’t show up in the search results. 

SEO-savvy copywriting ensures useful and well-crafted web copy that targets specific keywords your target audiences are using. When done well, your pages rank higher in organic search engine queries, become even more relevant to your target audiences and drive better user engagement. We've updated our Ultimate SEO Copywriting Cheat Sheet to show you how...


Inspiration by Example

Inspiration by Example
Merger Combines 2 Powerful Brands and Boosts Managed Care Footprint in Wisconsin

When two of the six managed care organizations serving Wisconsin decided to merge, they engaged Responsory to handle the combined entity's naming, tagline and brand identity development. In addition, it tasked Responsory with the challenge to re-envision the new entity's web presence. See how a fresh identity and website portray the strengths of the new organization and enhances their market position as a leader in community-based and long-term care services for the elderly and disabled in Wisconsin.




According to a 2019 study, search traffic generated 65% of total ecommerce sessions, 33% was generated through organic search, and 32% was generated through paid search. (Statista, 2019) When done right, search marketing will grow your brand's awareness and visibility, drive qualified leads and reduce acquisition costs.



Many businesses fail social media marketing because their posts are not customer-focused. Social media is the place where you make more personal and authentic connections with your target audience. It's an opportunity to share your brand's unique value proposition in a way they can enjoy and react to.