THE BEAT, December 2019, the Social Media issue
December 2019
Marketing Automation

8 Steps to Master Social Media ROI

When you’re asked for the ROI of your latest social media campaign, how do you respond? Today, only 15% of marketers have proven social’s impact quantitatively. And, 58% of CMOs feel increasing pressure to prove the value of marketing. Adopt these 8 steps as your new approach to mastering social media’s bottom-line impact.


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Marketing Insight
Social Media for B2B Marketers: 5 Essential Best Practices

Let’s face it – when it comes to B2B, navigating the world of social media can be challenging. But don’t get discouraged. Follow these 5 essential best practices and you’ll soon see how powerful social media can be for your B2B marketing endeavors.


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Advance Your Career Potential with Social Media

Building a strong social media network can help you get ahead in your career in more ways than one. This post summarizes the state of social media networking today, the ways it can help you advance your career potential and the steps you can take to get more out of your social media activities.



Social Media Training to Recruit Savvy Brand Ambassadors

The secret to growing your organization’s presence on social media and maximizing engagement with your target audiences? Your employees. Consider recruiting yours to bolster your organization's social media presence.


Is Social Media Missing from Your Marketing Mix?

If you answered, YES, there's a really good chance your reasons are more common than you realize. We'll share the the reasons we hear most frequently from our client partners and some great advice for how to overcome them.