THE BEAT ft Medicare Marketing, August 2020
August 2020
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How the COVID-19 Recession is Shaking Up Age-In Medicare Marketing

Put on your dancing shoes, Medicare Annual Open Enrollment is right around the corner. This year, a pandemic of global proportions will shake things up for Medicare marketers. It’s time to rethink your marketing approach for reaching this important audience, both now and in the coming years. We’ll help you do that by getting in step with those older adults who are retiring “on time,“ and those who are retiring later. Plus, we’ll reveal 6 ways you can gracefully reposition your strategy — without skipping a beat.


Inspiration by Example

Inspiration by Example
Are You Getting Through to the 65+ Market?

More than 54 million people in the United States¹ are aged 65 and older, and this rapidly growing market is projected to reach 72 million by the year 2030 — representing nearly 20 percent of the total U.S. population. Recognizing the shortcomings of Medicare, many of these older Americans are choosing to buy some type of supplemental health insurance coverage. This is good news for health insurance companies. But what if your current marketing program is failing to convince seniors that they need your Medicare Supplement plan?


Inspiration by Example

Creative Inspiration
The Right Creative Theme will Amplify Campaign Results

The right creative theme applied to a marketing program can generate more than intrigue and interest among target audiences. When woven through a series of touches and/or channels, a well-planned theme will build trust and demonstrate relevance by showing you understand your prospect's situation. The theme can be a diving board for key messages that encourage your audience to self-educate and learn more about what your brand offers that can help them ease their pain. Take a look at a real world example of a campaign theme that hit all the high notes.



How Everything is Changing for Medicare Marketing

We recognize the Over 65 marketplace is continually evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up. Not only is the audience changing, with new folks rolling into 65 each year, but the overall environment is also changing.


Enrollment Program Boosts Conversion Rate 10-Fold

As boomers are aging into 65, they are not exhibiting the same level of brand loyalty characteristic of their parents’ generation. 
Take a closer look at our strategy for improving results for this Blue plan.