THE BEAT - August 2019, The Smart Zones Issue
August 2019
Marketing Automation

Digital Targeting Innovation
Who’s on your website right now?

Turn Anonymous Website Visitors into Named Leads
If you're not converting your anonymous website traffic into actionable leads, you're missing a huge opportunity to better understand your audiences...and act on that knowledge. We'll introduce you to the technology we use to turn your IP addresses into a person or business, enhanced with incredibly insightful demographics. With this platform, leads can be sent to you the very next day, allowing you to engage your visitors when they are most interested. 


Inspiration by Example

Digital Marketing Insight
Your cookie-based remarketing isn't working.

Why endure the limits?
It's time to switch to people-based targeting. Cookies don't work for mobile users. Cookies expire. They create privacy concerns.  And, cookies are device specific, not people specific. If your digital marketing strategy hasn't switched from a cookie-based approach to people-based targeting, you'll appreciate this post. People-based marketing targets individuals or specific businesses across all devices, apps and browsers. Discover a solution for B2B and B2C IP matching, robust audience profiling and modeling, mobile advertising (300+ million devices) with Mobile Footprints, programmatic direct mail and cookie-free programmatic display advertising. It is the must-have capability that will get your brand and products in front of the right people, without infringing on privacy.


Inspiration by Example

Inspiration by Example
No audience list to onboard? No problem.

This program attained the impossible, thanks to Smart Zones.
The challenge: inform recent retirees that they are now eligible for special benefits ... without access to the retirees' contact info. No names, no mailing addresses, no IP addresses. Our case study summarizes the obstacles this campaign faced and how Smart Zones overcame them while delivering outstanding results. 


Inspiration by Example

Clever Integration
Getting Programmatic with Direct Mail

Convert website visitor leads with the influential power of direct mail.
Imagine sending compelling, personalized direct mail pieces directly to people who have visited and engaged with your website. The Smart Zones+Direct Mail programmatic direct mail solution combines data parsing, behavior-based intent signals and automation with the efficiency of digital, but with the added power of print. The difference between programmatic print and traditional direct mail is the data. Your Smart Zones+Direct Mail audience is built from real-time behavioral data, so they are receiving direct mail pieces that are immediately relevant. 



The Smart Zones Difference 

Switch to people-based audience targeting--aiming higher and reaching further with the impact of Smart Zones. It will be the proof that your digital marketing is working.


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