THE BEAT - April 2019
April 2019

Direct Mail Insight
Think “Inside the Box” to Generate Results & Excitement

While dimensional mail isn’t a new idea, it’s one that still offers significant impact and value for marketers today. Especially when it’s executed correctly and integrated into a multichannel campaign for maximum effect. Here are 6 tips to consider when thinking “inside the box."



Data Integrity
Don’t Let Dirty Data Sabotage Your Campaign–4 Steps to a Clean List

Marketers often forget that the list accounts for 40% of direct mail success, according to the widely accepted 40/40/20 rule. List integrity is often overlooked in the drive towards a successful direct mail campaign. If you want your marketing efforts to pay off, you must keep lists clean and up-to-date. You can achieve data integrity by using our proven 4-step process to cleanse your lists.



Inspiration by Example
New Creative Beats Control: Reduces Cost per Lead 30%

New control AND lower production costs? Yes, thanks to direct mail testing. Testing is critical for success, especially if you mail frequently. It helps you to avoid creative fatigue and uncover new controls. This example demonstrates how testing helped to create a new control that earned better response rates, while saving on production. 



6 Tips for Stronger Direct Mail Results

To optimize your next direct mail effort, use a combination of tried-and-true best practices along with newer more sophisticated strategies.


Direct Mail + Landing Pages = A Happier Ending

Marketing campaigns that use direct mail and one or more digital media can experience a 100%+ lift in response rate compared to using direct mail only.