Blog-2More often than not, online B2B campaigns are about creating leads for your sales staff. Traditionally, to generate a sales lead, a prospect had to click on an ad that led them to a website where they had to fill out a web form. Other marketing efforts like telemarketing, email, direct mail and search would also drive visitors to your site, but a visitor still had to fill out a form before the sales funnel could start to be filled.

Gratefully, in this day and age of audience targeting—it doesn’t have to be this way. You already know (or strongly suspect) which businesses will be interested in your products and services. You’re probably trying to target them online and offline already, and all you need now is a way to close the loop.

Site Visitor Attribution (SVA) represents a breakthrough for marketers and for lead generation programs. Similar in intent to Google Analytics, SVA measures trends and activity on your site, but SVA also “connects the dots,” delivering full attribution and lead generation.

It’s an incredible advancement in lead acquisition,” says Grant Johnson, owner and CEO, Responsory. “We’ve collapsed the sales funnel to the point where all we need is an easy-to-place code or ‘tag’ on your site to be able to identify sales leads.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Responsory creates your marketing audiences using the Smart Zones’ audience targeting system and run your display, email or direct mail campaigns.
  • We/you add the SVA tag to your site or landing pages. It accurately records any visitor who is checking out your site pages, posting that information to a secure cloud account that is exclusively yours.
  • Every ad impression, email, search or direct mail referral to your site is linked back to a Smart Zones’ audience, an ad-server impression, the page they visited, their location, device and to a business profile.
  • SVA matches all visits to the company audience, delivering the name of the business and the product or service page they accessed as part of a profile report.
  • Visitors can be retargeted online, and the first 15 business sales leads can be requested and handed off to your sales staff for FREE. Additional sales leads can be secured on either a cost per lead or through a subscription.
  • SVA and the Smart Zones platform supports over 17 million business zones, 25 million business domains and more than 10 million WIFI hotspots covering 18 million businesses in the U.S.
  • Each business zone is selectable by company name, domain, industry NAICS code, employee size and revenue.

SVA is based on the patented Smart Zones targeting platform which behaves like “direct mail online.” Smart Zones provides 750 demographic and firmographic attributes for over 30 million consumer and business zones. Smart Zones offers 100 percent reach to all households and businesses with no use of cookies or any need for additional on-boarding fees.

Ask for the Smart Zones SVA Data Sheet to get a closer look.



Responsory, a Johnson Direct company, is proud to be designated as a Premier Partner for Semcasting’s Smart Zones audience targeting platform. Semcasting is a leading data provider and the patent owner of the Smart Zones technology.