Attention Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Marketers…

Now’s the time to plan:

Email-FollowUp-Graphic (1)With 2016 ACA Open Enrollment just 16 weeks away, it is critical that your ACA Marketing Plan be buttoned up now. When you see the intelligence and effort that goes into a Plan devised by Responsory, we’re confident you’ll want to waste no time in getting started.

It all starts with intelligence. At Responsory, we dig deep to understand your organization, your membership challenges and goals, your target markets as a whole, and the ever-changing conditions you face. Our process begins with a thorough marketing audit that includes a review of current and past marketing activities as well as our own market research.

Here’s a look at our most recent published ACA content:

2016 ACA Trends to Watch

mrkt-insightSince the launch of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), individual market enrollment has seen fast-paced growth. Keeping an eye on what’s ahead, Responsory has identified six trends targeted for various segments that  your marketing teams should be on the lookout for as you firm up your 2016 Marketing Plan.

See the six trends and our valuable takeaways.


 2016 ACA Marketing Insight: Expectations

marketing-insightMany 2016 New Purchasers will have first-hand experience with employer-sponsored group plans. As savvier shoppers, they’ll apply their insured history and experience as they navigate their options. Expectations will be greater and they’ll be open to paying higher premiums for better benefits.

Let’s review the facts and what you can learn from them, courtesy of this Infographic by Responsory.


2015 ACA Changing Illinois Landscape Recap

insuranceMkPl-InfoOur familiarity with Affordable Care Act marketing is intimate, as is our first-hand experience in the insurance marketplace in many different states. For example, here in the state of Illinois, the landscape is shifting, and competitively-priced plans are paving new paths for consumers.

Take a closer look at the scenery in this custom-developed Infographic by Responsory.