As back to school time rolls around again for students, take note of this: learning doesn’t stop once we graduate. Rather, continuous learning is valuable for everyone at any stage in life. Often, the most valuable lessons are the ones discovered outside the classroom, whether we asked for them or not.

Lifelong learning can lead to lifelong benefits; here are just 5 to name a few.

owl 1. Lifelong learning can instill a greater sense of wisdom and give someone more to offer in their professional and personal life. To take advantage of lifelong learning, an individual must have a growth mindset* — the belief that hard work and perseverance will lead to greater improvement in learning, skills, and abilities. This concept of a growth mindset is especially prevalent in schools; however, all adults can embrace this attitude to learn more and improve. Keeping an open mind will allow you to welcome new ideas and experiences.


2. From new scientific discoveries to shifts in tradition or culture, it is important to adapt to the ever changing world we live in. Stay updated and educated on major events happening in our society, so you can readily adapt personally and professionally. Cultural changes or advancements in certain industries may influence your business’s future.

apple3. A major component of the learning experience is who teaches us. There are huge social and professional benefits that follow learning from our peers. We develop a greater relationship and can take away lessons from their teachings or experiences. Whether it is through connecting with the keynote speaker from a recent convention or reaching out to a friend for advice, you are broadening and strengthening your network.

briefcase4. Gaining a deeper and more profound insight will truly help you stand out as a professional and possibly allow you to move up from your current role. By displaying a motivated interest in your industry, you can prove how you continue to grow more equipped for change. This will not only help you feel more confident in your work, but also in your potential. This can be especially effective when it comes time for promotions and performance appraisals.

brain5. Continuous learning has many unseen, cognitive benefits as well. When we challenge our current knowledge and exercise our mind, we create new connections in our brain. These new connections keep your brain sharp, lower stress levels, and improve your memory when you continue to introduce new skills and experiences.** These benefits are extremely rewarding and can be carried directly back to the work place.

Next time you see another back-to-school ad or walk past the school supplies section, let it be a reminder that learning isn’t just for children and teenagers. Hopefully, it will inspire you to build on your growth mindset and help you continue to reach your personal and professional potential.