Only 16% of people read word-for-word online.1

This startling fact cuts to the heart of web copywriters everywhere. After writing and rewriting copy block after copy block to create the best wording chock full of key important details, SEO-rich keywords and informative sentences…we believe folks are reading it.

The reality is…most readers aren’t. What they are doing is searching, skimming and looking for relevant information. If they can’t find it, they’ll leave. And they’ll leave quickly…the average page visit lasts less than one minute.2

So what’s a web writer to do if people aren’t lingering on a page and reading the copy? How do you grab attention of  skimmers and searchers?

Focus your energy on the words and phrases that make a REAL difference like:

  • Eye-catching titles that include focus keywords
  • Concise subheads that tell readers what to expect
  • Bullet points and lists that showcase must-have information
  • Short, simple paragraphs sprinkled with relevant keywords
  • Simple language free of jargon, repetition and unnecessary words or phrases

Web readers want the big picture right away, so put the most important information near the top. Meeting them where are with clarity over creativity will give you a better chance of hooking them in.

Follow these steps and get your website content read today! You may also find The Ultimate SEO Copywriting Cheat Sheet helpful in your quest for web copywriting success. Or consult the web marketing pros at Responsory. We’re here to help!