Turn Anonymous Website Visitors into Named Leads

Each day, Responsory’s multichannel marketing programs are pinpointing and reaching tens of thousands of our clients’ prospects. One of the most powerful tools in our toolbox is the UDX-Leads technology. Powered by Semcasting data (265 million individuals, 23 million businesses, and over 170 million devices in the U.S.  and Canada) UDX-Leads empowers us to turn our client’s website and landing page visitors into a person or business, enhanced with a powerful, core set of  demographics.

Key Benefits of UDX-Leads

  • Turn anonymous website visitors into named leads
  • Automatically turn leads into online advertising
  • Build your own custom mailing lists
  • Retarget pre-qualified visitors with custom messaging
  • Support sales reps and call centers with next-day leads
  • Segment messaging to relevant buy info
Here's how UDX-Leads works.

Let’s Get Started

UDX-Leads is a machine learning and artificial intelligence platform that gets smarter and smarter over time. Can you afford to waste another day NOT capturing the identities of your website visitors? Let’s get started today — REQUEST YOUR SVA TAG NOW.

We’ll analyze your website traffic for up to 30 days at no charge. This will allow us to determine typical traffic volume and the match rate for your visitor data. We typically see match rates that range from 60 to 80 percent or higher. Then, the reporting begins. You’ll receive summary reports via email in addition to csv files based on the reporting frequency set-up for your account.

Download the UDX-Leads guide to see our fee structure, then contact us to request your SVA tag to get started.