The most common question I get from people I meet has to be “What is marketing that’s measurable?”

Of course, we all know what the phrase means, but what people are really asking me is “come on now, you can’t track and measure your advertising and marketing, so how do you do it and what’s the gimmick?”

Honestly, not ALL advertising and marketing can be tracked and measured. However, the majority of it can be if you follow a proven process and build in testing and the tools needed to do so.

Here at Responsory, our Direct Branding℠ process has demonstrated wonders for insurance clients, specialty garment manufacturing, hand tools, capital-intense industrial equipment, software and select not-for-profits. It really works.

Here are some recent examples:

  • An 84% response rate
  • Lowering ROI from 24 months to just 5 months, while reducing marketing spend
  • Membership/Loyalty increases ranging  from 200 to 777%
  • Entering a brand new market and within 2 short years having that new segment represent better than 20% of the company’s business

These are all real, honest-to-goodness examples of what we mean when we declare that Responsory really practices “Marketing that’s Measurable.” And each example is VERY recent.

The trend to accomplish these results is with a multi-channel approach that incorporates traditional advertising with the results-laden impact of direct marketing using social media, interactive/digital, SEO, banner and keyword advertising, public relations, direct mail, email and events/trade shows.

Get in touch today and I’ll be happy to share a few case studies and even offer you a free copy of the sought-after book “99 (plus one for good measure) Bright, Measurable Marketing Ideas.” The book is yours for free. All you have to do is ask for it.

I look forward to our conversation. I hope we are able to take your marketing campaigns to the next level… to the stratosphere with “Marketing that’s Measurable.”