Thinking “outside the box” is often associated with creativity and effective new ideas. When it comes to multichannel campaigns, especially in the B2B realm for capital-intensive products/services or longer-term sales cycles, consider thinking “inside the box”—more specifically, the dimensional mail box.

Who can resist opening a package they receive in the mail?
While dimensional mail isn’t a new idea, it’s one that still offers significant impact and value for marketers today. Especially when it’s executed correctly and integrated into a multichannel campaign for maximum effect.

Consider these results from several of our recent campaigns involving dimensional mail:

  • EyeMed Broker Campaign generates 15% response rate from historically inactive, hard-to-reach prospects
  • New market launch reaps 19% response rate among prospects with 74% of respondents immediately writing business
  • Badger Meter product re-launch creates 30% response/quote rate for resource-intensive software product

To help you ensure optimal results, here are 6 tips for successfully integrating dimensional certified mail into your campaigns:

  1. List accuracy is paramount! Check and double check your list to ensure you are mailing to the right people at a valid address. This will help reduce waste and boost ROI.
  2. Consider a two-step campaign where you tease the recipient with a nominal gift and offer a more desirable gift or service as the next step. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just relevant to your target audience—interesting, useful or novel.
  3. Sales team buy-in is critical. Dimensional mail is a great door opener, but sales team follow-up is what will seal the deal.
  4. Create a touchpoint cadence for your campaign and share it with your sales and marketing departments so they can plan their follow up strategies.
  5. Develop a theme to spark interest and apply it consistently across your touch points to build synergy and excitement.
  6. Personalize the piece with the appropriate sales contact’s name and number. With variable and or digital printing, it’s often possible to do this economically with inserts.

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