“StorySelling” is a powerful tool used by marketers that combines the art of storytelling with the process of selling. When done correctly, StorySelling can help you boost brand perception and increase conversions.

Sounds intriguing, right? Let’s start by reviewing the basics of storytelling.

The Elements of a Good Story

A good story is something recipients can read easily, relate to. It effectively touches that “something” inside of them. When done right, an authentic brand story:

  • Makes you memorable
  • Differentiates you as desirable
  • Brings your brand to life
  • Gives you a distinct competitive advantage
  • Creates a responsive target market
  • Positions you as a visionary in your field

Turning Storytelling into StorySelling

Storytelling alone typically does not urge the audience to act. THIS is where Story-Selling comes into play. StorySelling is like full circle branding in that the story ends with a meaningful conclusion – i.e. a call-to-action to purchase or give. Story-sellers weave stories around their brands and use a combination of emotion and logic to build trust and elicit response. So how can you successfully integrate StorySelling into your marketing efforts? Follow these tips.

5 Tips for Effective StorySelling

  1. Strive for transparency. Above all, your story should not sound like a sales pitch. It should make your brand appear honest and human.
  2. Begin with a hook that provokes curiosity. Open your story with a narrative that makes your audience want to hear more.
  3. Give meaning to a product that is otherwise impersonal. Strive to make both an emotional and logical connection with your audience.
  4. Create a clear “before” and “after” situation to show your audience how they benefit from your product or service. Help them understand how it fits into their everyday life.
  5. Don’t forget the happy ending. If you make your audience feel good about the story, they will feel good about the brand associated with it.

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