Project Description

New Website Unites Brands and User Experience

Client: Wolter Inc.

Consolidating a Digital Legacy

After successfully guiding Wolter through the rebranding process, Responsory was tasked with its next challenge: consolidating the dozen disparate brand sites the industrial solutions provider owned and managed into a single corporate website. Collected through years of growth and acquisition, each site presented a unique challenge, including vastly different product offerings, audiences, industries and user experiences.

Future-Forward Web Design

Upon gaining an understanding of the company’s current requirements and future integration goals, it was determined that this couldn’t be a simple website build. The proposed multi-phased solution would first see the consolidation of the brand sites, as well as their new and used product catalogs. Secondary research and interviews with business units helped inform our consolidation strategy, determine the design direction and identify content holes. After due diligence, we found a development partner in American Eagle to support the technical aspects of this project.

Taking the First Step of Many

While our efforts to build a unified Wolter brand may have culminated with the launch of this comprehensive new website, it’s just the first milestone in an ambitious digital strategy. Planned future phases will seek to further enhance the user experience and streamline operations by integrating a new ERP system, a new LMS platform, and CRM software.

Check out the new digital face of Wolter at