4 Essential B2B Email Marketing Tactics – In Action

No matter how you utilize B2B email marketing as part of your organization’s channel mix, there are 4 essential tactics that are must-dos to improve your email clickthrough rates. We’ve put those tactics into practice for countless B2B email marketing campaigns. Here’s how they look in a real-world example:

EyeMed Vision Care: Data Security Awareness Campaign

In this example, vision benefits company EyeMed partnered with Responsory to design an eye-catching campaign targeting HR and benefits professionals among key accounts. A series of emails were part of the dynamic (fresh, fun) and thought-provoking (relevant) multi-touchpoint niche program. Our goal was to break through the inbox clutter and position EyeMed as a consultative partner (vs. a classic sales/”me, me, me” interaction) that adds value for the audience.


Targeted, Engaging Content

  • Playful, unexpected messaging and bright design stands out in flooded inboxes
  • Educational and interactive content (stats, quiz, infographic download) draws the recipient in and keeps them engaged (the “sell” is prominent, but not over-the-top)



  • Segmentation was used to determine the optimal target audience
  • Email messaging and design is carefully crafted to appeal to the target prospects
  • Use of prospect name, as well as EyeMed sales rep contact info helps to build rapport


Compelling Offer and Call-to-Action

  • A soft offer (pop quiz and infographic download) and hard offer (connect with sales rep) appeal to prospects at varying stages of the buyer journey and provide different ways to engage
  • A mix of CTAs and links/buttons are highly trackable and provide multiple opportunities to take action


Conversion-Driving Landing Page

  • Mirrors playful theme and design from the initial email, while providing additional value
  • A captivating headline creates a sense of urgency and appeals to a hot topic of concern
  • Quiz and valuable content downloads add fun and interactivity to keep prospects engaged
  • Simple “let’s meet” form and clear, prominent call-to-action

These emails and coordinated landing pages were part of a multichannel program that checked all the boxes. Together, they generated engagement with the audience by creating a “wow” experience and driving users to a campaign-specific landing page where they can request an appointment and download valuable information on a hot topic in the health benefits world…data safety and PHI (personal health information). A pop quiz tops off the experience, offering the user a reason to give the topic more serious thought, but in a fun way.

Most importantly, the campaign achieved the overall goal to educate health benefits administrators on the importance of data security and the measures that EyeMed takes to keep data secure.