Marketing has always been about reaching your prospects in the right place at the right time. With tech-savvy Millennials making up the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, the right place is digital and the right time is now!

As Millennials are promoted or start their own businesses, they are assuming more responsibilities as B2B purchasing decision makers. These digitally and socially connected buyers are driving many changes in the way we market. Adapting your marketing strategy to appeal to the Millennial mindset is crucial to capturing this important audience.

Here are 5 tactics you should incorporate in your Millennial marketing strategy:

SEOSEO: 90% of B2B online researchers use search specifically to explore business purchases. To ensure your company will be found online, keyword research is critical. Millennials are looking for credibility, so you must demonstrate an expert level of industry-specific knowledge by getting the keywords right.

Content MarketingContent Marketing: Millennials love information—they consume it and will actively share it if they find it interesting and relevant. If you have humanized content like testimonials, case studies, white papers, infographics, photos and success stories, millennials will flock to your website, download your content and share it with their peers and friends.

VideoVideo: According to Google, 70% of Millennials researching B2B products and services use video. A simple video marketing strategy including product features, how-tos and professional reviews positions you as an expert in your field, driving emotional connections and promoting Millennial loyalty.

Social MediaSocial Media: Millennials trust companies that have a strong social media presence. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other business-focused channels should be used extensively to promote your services, build relationships and share expertise. When Millennials share your posts through their vast network, you’ll see better results than through traditional marketing.

EmailEmail: As one of the most cost-effective tactics, email is still the workhorse of B2B marketing, bringing in conversions and adding value across the customer lifecycle. Email marketing’s strength is in building and nurturing relationships, building brand awareness, and increasing social interaction…just the things Millennials are looking for.

How do you create an effective B2B digital marketing plan to entice Millennials? Reach out to Responsory to see how our digital marketing experts can help.