Rescued From Near Mediocrity; New Campaign Boasts a World-Class Look for Water Utility

When the City of Milwaukee set its sights on building its reputation as a superior source for plentiful, safe water, the Milwaukee Water Works sought out the strategically creative counsel of Johnson Direct.

Milwaukee’s freshwater advantage for business is an abundant, high-quality water supply at low cost with discounts for business, provided by the Milwaukee Water Works. This is a competitive edge for businesses that rely on water, such as chemical and metal fabricating manufacturers and food and beverage processors. Across the country, wet industry faces dwindling water resources due to multi-year droughts, depletion of groundwater, restrictive water quality regulations, and overpopulation of arid lands. Increasing demand for water and sewage treatment means higher operating costs for business.

To encourage water-intensive business and industry to locate or expand in the Milwaukee area, Johnson Direct planned and concepted four targeted mailings to promote the business rate discounts in its WAVE and Declining Block Rates to key segments including site selectors, manufacturers and food and beverage companies. This tailored business-to-business campaign included segmented and personalized letters to accompany a 6 x 9 brochure (which is repurpose-able as a self-mailer), an outer envelope and 5-page microsite featuring a savings calculator.

Since our first meeting just seven weeks ago, this ride has been truly amazing. I am so proud of the end-product — and your service. I feel you have rescued our marketing from near-mediocrity. We will be moving forward with a new appearance and attitude. You all captured the fact that our organization is indeed a world-class operation. Now, we look like a national leader. Thanks again to all of you for your patience and cooperation, creativity and wisdom.

Roz Rouse, Water Marketing Specialist, Milwaukee Water Works