No doubt, a well-done static infographic has a lot of merit. However, building even a simple level of interactivity into your infographics can significantly boost engagement and drive more qualified traffic to your website.


cert journey step 2ASQ, the American Society of Quality, enlisted Responsory’s creative team to translate and simplify the steps professionals would take to earn an ASQ Certification. Our first task was to craft a road map for our audience, getting them ready for their career-boosting trek. This became our 8-step guide.

But we didn’t stop there. For nearly every step of the way, we uncovered content on that could help viewers better understand the task-at-hand and better yet, take immediate action. From there, we built in call-to-action buttons and links to key pages within the ASQ website, dramatically improving the user’s experience and our engagement rate with infographic audiences.

Mission Accomplished: The infographic educates audiences about the Certification process, answers a variety of frequently asked questions and boosts traffic to Certification-related landing pages where highly qualified audiences can become more engaged with ASQ.

cert journey infoTake a closer look at the traffic-boosting infographic, YOUR 8 STEP GUIDE TO ASQ CERTIFICATION.

Infographics are one of the most popular content solutions Responsory is creating for its clients. Others include white papers, case studies and guides.

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