Improve your response rates with an approach that combines proactive and reactive tactics.

We recently had the perfect prospective client – let’s call him “Jim” – decline to move forward on an outstanding Smart Zones Audience Targeting and Display Advertising program because the company’s digital team was “comfortable only with CPC (cost per click) search campaigns.”

Our first reaction: Yikes!Reactive Marketing Cover

This global manufacturing leader of residential and commercial equipment came to us because they were not satisfied with their CPC results… yet their digital team was not willing to employ a new tactic. We tried to wrap our arms around the reasons why.

When boiled down, perhaps their decision was more about:

  1. A comfort level with the reactive approach that a search engine marketing campaign provides — that is, showing up in search engine results after prospective buyers search on key terms.
  2. Incorporating a proactive marketing model like Smart Zones Audience Targeting and Display Advertising where we isolate and reach highly targeted audiences that are statistically most likely to engage.

Pairing SEM and display advertising produces a more well-rounded program that has been proven to garner better overall results. What’s not to like?!

Proactive marketing…

allows marketers to be agile, data-driven and adaptable to the ever-changing space of what their target markets and audiences could be seeking. It uses data to predict tactics that create more engaging campaigns. Lansing WordPress web design solutions help you streamline your business by getting all of the little tweaks, changes, and updates.

There’s never a bad time to employ proactive marketing. It’s the way savvy marketers build campaigns to generate leads, boost sales, launch a new product, revitalize interest among key segments, enter a new market… you name it.

Reactive marketing…

is a form of marketing that responds to market conditions after a need has been identified. The stimulus might be on a grander scale–an economic shift or a changed industry requirement, or on a smaller scale–a modified competitor landscape or a prospect inquiry.

There’s always a need for reactive marketing. Your organization should always be looking at ways to respond to data, customer and prospect behavior and insights.

You can see how a marketer cannot rely on reactive or proactive alone. These strategies must be planned and executed harmoniously to create a better experience for your target audiences, and ultimately a better response rate and ROI on your marketing investments.

So, what is our prospect client going to miss out on?

Well, our proactive approach was to test the theory that birds of a feather flock together. Using customer data for residential sales for the manufacturer’s equipment line, Responsory would target those same IP zones to reach neighbors who presumably have similar traits and needs as their neighbors who’ve purchased the equipment.

The Smart Zones audience targeting and display advertising platform is ideal for organizations seeking an effective solution to:

  • Increase targeted traffic–Your campaign’s goal is to get visitors to your campaign landing page who actually care about what you offer. There is no sense in putting in time and effort to drive traffic to your landing page that will then bounce (come to the page and leave without engaging further).
  • Generate sales leads–New customer acquisition is the name of the game. Our campaign offer and landing page response mechanism(s) must make it simple to respond, that is, further engage, with your brand. Responsory strives to create campaigns that generate qualified sales leads for our clients.
  • Generate sales conversions–Whenever possible, your campaign should allow your target audiences to convert to a sale. Conversions are typically facilitated via an online shopping cart or call center.
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty–Smart Zones is perfect for putting your brand in front of the right people so that it is front of mind when they reach a decision to act now or later.
  • Test creative and/or offers–Smart Zones is the ideal platform to test various creative concepts or offers. Responsory can recommend straightforward, cost-effective test scenarios that can help us optimize your campaign for success.

There are about 25,000 most-likely-to-buy residences in 16 states that won’t be seeing our prospective client’s product messaging or fantastic offer this fall. Take a guess at what they will be seeingthey’re competitors’ display ads. This manufacturer competes with an equally competent and highly regarded brand in the residential and commercial markets.

The biggest difference? The competitor invests in proactive display advertising campaigns – year round.