Brookfield’s Campaign Generates Serious Business Results


The City of Brookfield, Wisconsin asked Johnson Direct to help it attract new business, and retain existing companies.


Johnson Direct developed a comprehensive Direct Branding strategy including a unique positioning theme – Brookfield is Business Serious – that served as the foundation for all marketing efforts associated with the campaign. The strategy was implemented through a variety of marketing efforts including:

  • A direct mail introduction package (two versions, each tailored to its audience for attraction or retention);
  • A direct mail fulfillment package (again two versions);
  • A new, information-filled publication called “Your Guide to Doing Business in Brookfield, Wisconsin” (to serve as the offer);
  • A dedicated microsite ( to support the entire campaign and survey form (two versions) to collect requests for the fulfillment kit;
  • A follow-up e-mail campaign to the retention audience; and
  • Local, regional and national public relations.


  • Just weeks into the campaign, the microsite’s “attraction” offer conversion rate was nearly 30%. The “retention” offer conversion rate was nearly 65%. 30% of Attraction prospects requested Brookfield’s Business Guide.
  • Over 40% of Attraction prospects clicked through to the Buildings Available database.
  • 60% of Retention business residents have requested Brookfield’s Business Guide.
  • 34% of Retention visits took place on the two days following the follow-up e-mail campaign
  • Brookfield also received strong publicity including nine media placements – print and TV coverage – resulting in additional microsite traffic and inquiries.

Customer service and timely responses have been outstanding. The quality of the creative process, and materials developed and produced by Johnson Direct have exceeded expectations. I have been extremely pleased with the campaign and the outstanding account services provided by Johnson Direct.

Patrick Drinan Economic Development Coordinator City of Brookfield