During these unprecedented times, our business and personal situations and priorities are evolving so rapidly it’s challenging to keep up.  As all eyes focus on COVID-19, brands are quickly adapting their marketing plans to better fit with this new reality. Here are a few examples of how companies are pivoting to adjust.

Playing It Safe

Many marketers are paying careful attention to their consumers’ sensitivities and pulling or postponing campaigns to avoid potentially negative fallout. A month ago, who would have thought a handshake or hug would create pause. This Marketing Dive article includes more insightful examples of how companies are adapting.

Proactive Support

At the same time, other brands already have created special initiatives related to coronavirus that underscore their brand messages. Both Hyundai and Toyota are running TV spots that illustrate support for their customers during these challenging times.

This type of approach appears to have merit. According to a recent survey by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), 56% of consumers were happy to hear how brands are helping during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Find Opportunities to Make A Difference

And, while you might think global brands are the only ones who can undertake campaigns like this, it’s inspiring to see smaller companies taking positive action. Here’s a local Milwaukee distiller, Central Standard Distillery, who is turning its vodka into disinfectant. With a quick search, we found several local and national articles sharing their positive news.

While none of us can predict what lies ahead, as we all continue to navigate through this pandemic, let’s look for creative ways to adapt and also make a positive difference. In that spirit, I wanted to share this inspiring piece by poet Mark Nepo: The Anthem of our Day.