Your website has a job. How would you rate its performance?

When we work with our clients on website audits and redesigns, we are are especially focused on working with them to understand how the site must work to support the sales process.

In terms of new business development, a B2B site must support the sales funnel, effortlessly guiding visitors who were driven there via trade shows and events, public relations, marketing campaigns, SEO and word-of-mouth and referral activities.

The website’s job is to assist visitors who fall into these 3 stages of the buying cycle:

  1. Build credibility and brand affinity to help visitors who are just beginning their journey.
  2. Provide information and support to prospects who are comparing, evaluating and estimating products/services and contemplating their next move in their journey.
  3. Encourage engagement and generate leads from qualified visitors who are ready to take some sort of step forward, whether it’s small (downloading a spec sheet) or large (requesting a quote).

By guiding users through those buying stages, qualified prospects will turn into engaged users and leads which are tracked by the site and fed to the sales dept. who will follow-up and nurture them to conversion.

Is it time your website was put to the sales funnel performance test? Get in touch with Responsory if you need a hand.