With the popularity of Amazon Echo, Google Home and other voice-assisted devices, it’s safe to proclaim the future of search is voice command. Just like talking to a friend, people are speaking directly into their devices asking them to search for practically anything. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), personal assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana have become the go-to resources for information replacing the need to type words into the Google search bar.

Consider these statistics:

  • Nearly half of all searches are via voice command1
  • One-in-six Americans own a voice activated smart speaker2
  • 72% of people who own voice-assisted devices use them every day2

The growth of voice-assisted devices is having a significant impact on SEO. Website content optimized for voice search isn’t about keywords anymore, it’s based on natural conversational speech, not the fragmented searches we’re used to making. Voice searches have context and intent. They often ask a question, using words like who, how, what, where, why and when, with the expectation that the speakers will provide an answer.

Siri: How can I begin to optimize our brand’s content for voice search?

Specific phrases that people use when they’re asking questions of their speakers likely contain a valuable voice-optimization tool…the long-tail keyword. Long-tail keywords, by their nature, are very targeted phrases that have three or more words and often include one of your brand’s focus keywords. Building content with long-tail query-based keywords that are closely related to your product or service is an important component to add to your SEO strategy.

Cortana: Where do I find long-tail keywords and conversational search phrases for my business?

Start by putting yourself in the shoes of your potential customer or prospect. What would they ask about your product or service? You can also:

  • Look at the questions you get from customers when they call to ask about your business
  • Search the internet for things people are saying about your competition
  • Use the Google Suggest and Google Related Searches functions in the Google search engine

You may also find The Ultimate SEO Copywriting Cheat Sheet helpful for your overall SEO strategy. If you’d rather talk to someone, consider consulting with the digital marketing pros at Responsory. We’re here to help!

Listen to an Alexa Skill sample about the Voice Search Revolution: