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Let’s face it, the Affordable Care Act continues on in an ever-evolving marketplace. As an Obamacare plan carrier, you continue to face constant change and fierce competition. You need a marketing partner with the data-driven smarts and proven experience to help you make heroic strides this enrollment period.

As one of the few specialized health insurance marketing agencies in the U.S., we feel it’s our duty to share our insights and experience for the betterment of the industry. This is especially true when it comes to helping our clients meet and exceed enrollment goals for their Affordable Care Act plans.

The State of ACA

Marketplace enrollment reached a record high of 13.8 million people in 2022, with 12.5 million receiving a subsidy. Affordability gains due to expanded subsidies, as well as an extended enrollment period, and increased outreach and enrollment assistance all likely contributed to this result.

Individual market enrollment overall (including on and off exchange) also remains higher than before the ACA was implemented. It is likely ACA-compliant enrollment (both on- and off-Marketplace is currently at a record high and that non-compliant enrollment is at a record low.

Marketing to Under 65 Segments

Among your key strategies should be segmentation. Intimately knowing your segments and sub-segments and what their hot buttons are. For the Under 65 Segment, two of your essential channels will be digital advertising and social media where you’ll impart helpful, clear and simple guidance through content sharing. Remember, content creation and publishing will ease the decision making process for your target audiences, making the path to your plans easier and quicker. And, don’t forget about your broker advocates. Empower them with the tools and content they need to easily sing your plans’ praises.

  1. Profile your ideal ACA members to create a model of look-alike prospects
  2. Deploy cookie-free Smart Zones display advertising to reach prospects on any device
  3. Test audiences and creative to understand what resonates most with shoppers and optimize your digital campaigns accordingly
  4. Incorporate a smart retargeting and landing page strategy to stay in front of prospects that may not convert immediately
  5. Remember, many users will shop around, take breaks and delay enrolling until the last minute
  6. Use social media to establish your organization as a trusted source of wellness and healthcare information
  7. Pay attention to your customers’ social conversations and life events to create more personalized and relevant experiences and offers
  8. Engage with loyal customers to recruit brand ambassadors and encourage referrals

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