As any digital marketer knows, while banner ads may be small in size, they can play a BIG role in your online advertising campaign’s success.

At Responsory, we create dozens of digital banner ads each week. And it’s true that every ad is carefully designed to appeal to the unique wants and needs of each campaign’s target audience. But there are also several tried-and-true strategies that we consider each and every time. And following these guidelines can help you take your ads from good to GREAT – and get the results you’ve been looking for.

So what makes a GREAT banner ad? Take a careful look at your copy and design to make sure your ads meet these requirements.


GREAT banner ads…

  1. Are highly targeted, eye-catching, timely and personalized
  2. Stand out on publisher pages with unique visuals, animation and brand colors
  3. Don’t try to do or say too much. You only have a moment to catch your target’s attention and make an impression. Great banner ads use limited space to present a clear, concise (yet meaningful) message, a strong image and a simple and bold call-to-action
  4. Feature a relevant and timely offer
  5. Maximize engagement and clicks with a CTA that tells the audience exactly what it is you want them to do. Remember, “Learn More” and “Click Here” just don’t cut it anymore!
  6. Create a sense of urgency with bright colors and messages like “Ends Soon” or “Limited Time Offer”
  7. Are built on insights gained from past campaigns and take into account what worked and what didn’t work. These ads are created to be better than their predecessors
  8. Work seamlessly across all devices and are mobile-friendly. Ad copy and design should be adjusted for each ad size, to ensure optimal viewing
  9. Link to a landing page that’s consistent visually and in message, and allows the user to act on your offer, effortlessly


Responsory recently developed a Smart Zones digital advertising campaign for Oriental Trading Company, one of the nation’s largest direct merchants of value-priced party supplies, arts and crafts, toys and novelties. See for yourself how banner ads that follow our guidelines can bring in big results!